Lynx TV

Lynx TV is a cutting-edge media channel that offers immersive content encompassing the modern African lifestyle. It celebrates our vibrant culture and keeps viewers entertained with a diverse range of content, including music, films, talk shows, documentaries, and more. Lynx TV's content is featured on two major digital channels, amassing a combined audience of over 1.10 million. The channel commenced operations in February 2023, with plans to introduce new shows monthly. As it adapts to the digital consumption trends of today, Lynx TV intends to incorporate movies, limited series, and more throughout the year. This over-the-top (OTT) channel is based in the Lynx Manor building in Akweteman, which also serves as the home of Ghana's leading record label, Lynx Entertainment.


By Sika Osei

Each week, Sika Osei hosts a candid talk show where she delves into intimate conversations with her celebrity guests, aiming to unearth their hidden truths and untangle rumors or misconceptions. In this no-holds-barred show, nothing remains off-limits as Sika fearlessly questions her guests, providing viewers with a glimpse of the uncharted facets of their favorite figures in film, music, and the influencer realm.


Prophet Baddo

Starring Richmond Amoakoh

In the uproarious new show, "Prophet Baddo," Richmond, renowned for his role as Lawyer Nti in "Kejetia v Makola," portrays a con artist in need of a hiding spot. He stumbles into a church where, coincidentally, the congregation is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new pastor. Mistaken for the pastor, he receives a warm welcome from the church members and unwittingly finds himself leading the congregation in a series of comical escapades.


Caught On Tape

with DJ Vyrusky & Afro Harmony Band

Groove to your favorite music alongside DJ Vyrusky and Ghana's top artists in an electrifying live stage performance every Friday night. Witness the finest tracks from your beloved artists as they collaborate with the Afro Harmony Band and DJ Vyrusky for an unforgettable experience. These sensational sets are the perfect way to kickstart your weekends with a bang!


Things That Girls Say

With Khaissah and Sikapa

"Things That Girls Say" is a lighthearted and engaging show hosted by Khaissah and Sikapa. This show focuses on the perspectives of young Ghanaian women on a wide range of subjects, including relationships, sexuality, adulthood, responsibilities, and other relevant topics. It offers a fun and casual atmosphere for conversations, making it an enjoyable and conversational experience.